No workout January 9, 2016

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Happy Friday! The first week of 2016 is coming to an end! Whoop whoop! Did you accomplish your goals? If no, you suck! 🙊 Just kidding. Hop back on the train, stop mopin’ around and be encouraged.

I have a no miss training this Saturday the 9th so I will not be running the free Saturday workout. The good news is that I have a great full body workout that you can do on you own. Make sure to time yourself. After you’ve completed the workout, post a selfie on the Jumpstart With LG Facebook page along with how long it took you to complete. I’ll have a special gift for you at the January 16th 8am workout! Out of town? You can play too!

Here’s the workout!!! Enjoy!


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LG’s JUST MOVE- Full Body Workout #1



Bosses don’t cancel.


This morning we had our first workout of the year! It was wet. It was rainy. It was cold. Yet, these ladies committed and showed up!  So many people make “resolutions” with intentions of sticking to them every, single, year. They go into the New Year chanting “this will be my year ” or “this year I’m gonna do the dang thang”, knowing full well they aren’t about to jack.

I can go on and on with theories about what they can do to stick to the plan they made, but I truly believe this one thing can be life changing.


I know. I know. You’re thinking, Lauren…why the heck would I  want to do that? If I did that, I may actually follow through because I’ve now made my workouts a priority instead of an option. (Who’d a thunk?)

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You go to work. You go to your doctor’s appointments (You better). You attend important functions within your life. Why not resolve to treat that 30 minute or hour workout time like a meeting you can’t afford to miss? Bosses don’t cancel. This is day 2 of 2016. We all get the same 24 hours. Remember that.

Head over to my Facebook page to see videos and pictures of today’s workout. I’ll have giveaways in the coming weeks. Make sure you’re set up to receive notifications. I don’t want you to miss out!


Hello 2016!

Hellooo 2016. Are you ready? I mean, really ready? Well, get ready. You made it. You’re here.

Hellooo 2016! Are you ready? I mean, really ready? Well, get ready. You made it. You’re here. There is breath in your body which means you have purpose. Make the decision you will do the things necessary to make this year your best one yet!

I have plenty of time to give out tough love in the coming days and months but today, I want to encourage you. I want to inspire you. I want you to know that you matter and that every. single. solitary thing, you desire, can be yours.

I had plans, and goals for the year. Then. This happened! (insert praying hands and speak no evil monkey emoji) You see, God has a way of taking 20151230_155103our plans and making them more than we could have ever dreamed they’d be. He can also make all things new. Revelation 21:5.

This blog is not about me. This blog is about how I can help you and add value to your life through my love of health and fitness. I’m excited for this new journey and want nothing more than to help you be successful.

Please follow my blog, keep in touch via FB and IG and I hope to see you at our first free workout of the year! Tomorrow at 8AM!!!

Get ready! Buckle up and let’s go!!!

This should be exciting!!!

❤ LG