Wanna see if you can stick to something?

…start making your bed everyday. I remember when I first heard this many years ago from someone I admire and respect. His name is Ron Reynolds. Some of you will know who he is. I remember sitting in the session and softly chuckling. Then I listened to the “why” of why you should make your bed and it made sense and I proceeded home to make our bed. At first, it felt silly. Why do I need to make it? I can just straighten it up once I get ready for bed. But I did it anyway. My husband also noticed (he did not attend the event where we were tasked with making the bed). He would say, why are you all of a sudden making the bed? My response was because Ron said I should. After making the bed for several weeks, I eventually reverted back to my old ways. Wake up, prayer time, daily devotion, check my phone, get our boys up and ready for the day, and then leave…with an unmade bed. What is it about this damn bed?! So today, on the 60th page of 365 pages, I decided to make the bed and invite you to join. Ron says, it’s an inanimate object. If you let IT win you have much bigger issues to work through. If you cannot discipline yourself to make a bed, how can you have discipline in the big things that involve planning, and effort on your part? It’s proven that around 21 days is the sweet spot for doing something daily to make it a habit. You ready? Soooo…here is my proposition for all of you reading this. Let’s start a bed making challenge! Let’s take back our power and show the bed who is boss! If you already make your bed. That’s awesome! You can help us non-bed makers and tell someone about this challenge!!! Make your bed every. Single. Day in March. Show me that you did it! Tag me, and use #MakeYourBedWithLG.

Make your bed everyday in March! Who’s in?

#JumpstartWithLG #LGinspires #MakeYourBedWithLG Bed made. Day 1. March 1, 2018.